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A cookie is nothing to worry about, its just a way that websites store information to allow website functionality.

You must accept cookies on most websites to be able to use them fully.

There is a law that states we need to let website visitors know that we may use cookies on our website.


What is a cookie? it is just a file that most websites use to store information to allow website functionality.

Why do you need to allow it on your computer? to allow website functionality.

Which websites use cookies? Most websites use cookies.

Most websites use cookies; they are nothing to worry about; a cookie is just a name for a small file that most websites transfer to your computer to allow certain functionality by storing visitor information. Most websites can稚 function properly if you deny access to a cookie. The law states we must give the website visitor the option to refuse cookies.

Cookies store information about visitors and allow you to login.

If you don稚 want to allow cookies then you shouldn稚 be using the internet because most websites use and need cookies to be able function properly.

Other reasons we need to allow cookies on websites: to enable our websites to be on search engines such as Google. So all websites need to use cookies. When you log into a website its usually a cookie that allows you to be logged in.

Many websites are now giving visitors the option of not accepting cookies.

When did this cookie law start? 2011

This law on cookies comes from a EU privacy directive on data protection.


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